Jewelry for small wrists- Dainty wrist review

Hi ladies,

Today I’m here to talk about Dainty Wrist Jewelry. They make tons of jewelry for women with small wrists. You can find watches, bangles, even leather bracelets.  For you lucky ladies in Miami, you’ll be happy to know that Elaine from Dainty Wrist Jewelry has offered a piece from her collection to be raffled at our next petite fashion event on Meetup. Check out the event information here!

So, like the rest of me, my appendages are tiny and thin, so most jewelry doesn’t fit very well. I pretty much stopped looking for bracelets and made due with the few pieces I randomly found that fit. So, I’m especially excited that we have another option now!









I’ve been wanting rose gold jewelry and was excited to see a rose gold watch. I immediately had reservations because it has that ‘boyfriend’ over sized watch style but I was happy to see the watch doesn’t look odd as it fits around my wrist perfectly; no need to take it to get shortened!  As a reference, my wrist measures 5 inches. The face is easy to read on top of being gorgeous and has cute diamonds all around the face. I find that this piece add some serious weight to your current wrist candy.

I checked out a few of the same styles from other brands and the price is amazing compared to whats out there. This is a great classic piece that is great to quickly dress up an outfit. You can find Jean from ExtraPetite talking about the ‘boyfriend style’ watch and some tips on how to wear them here.










I also received a gold bracelet with rhinestones that goes perfect with the watch! For those of you who like to throw on lots of stuff, their website has tons of variety. The bangle wasn’t tight and fit comfortably. I loved how delicate it looked and how great it looks in pictures.


rose gold watch petite small wrist







Be sure to check out Dainty Wrist Jewelry if you have small wrists; they offer free shipping in the U.S.


Another bracelet sent was the retro turquoise cuff bracelet. Can’t beat teal and the combo silver and gold make this one easy to match.

eshne- dainty wrist jewelry- palm tree eshne- dainty wrist jewelry- close upeshne- dainty wrist jewelry- retro bracelet



dainty wrist jewelry bangle - small wrists

Thank you to all those who came to our last event and congrats to the winner of this sterling silver bangle. Stay tuned for more by raffle prizes by joining our petite fashion group community through

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