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Petite Stores & Petite Friendly Brands- Bra’s, Lingerie, & Intimate Apparel

Bra’s, lingerie and intimate apparel are designed with small cups and extra small proportions to offer the best fit for women with a petite frame and short torsos. Below is a list of top lingerie stores for petite women who need smaller sizes.

One of the more frustrating experiences is wanting sexy affordable underwear and lingerie that is unique and comfortable.  I remember shopping at Victoria’s secret and just leaving frustrated because their smallest size just did not fight right. When you’re outside popular retailer’s sizes, where can you go to shop if you’re petite?

Skip the struggle of trying to find your size at your local stores with our guide on where to shop online for petite-size lingerie.

Elma Shop

The Little Bra Company 


Itty Bitty Bra

Little Women

Lula Lu

Vienne Milano (stockings)


If you’re looking for custom styles, check out our post on Handmade Lingerie for Petites

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