Sunglasses for Small Faces

Nothing can make an outfit like some great accessories and sunglasses are no different. But with our small faces, it can be a pest to find ones that frame your face or don’t make you look like a bug! So, I gathered up some brands that tend to run small and have sizes that flatter small faces.

If you have a narrow face, look for sunglasses with lens width (eye width) in size 55mm and below. I find that sizes from 52mm and below are the most flattering for petites. While they don’t include how tall the lens width is, its something to look out for since I find those that are narrow but have low or droopy lens can also be very unflattering. Some aviators tend to do that. I also suggest to watch out for the bridge size (the portion between each lens).

Happy shopping!

1. A.J. Morgan

I love this brand, they seem to have really cute modern styles and the price is right. My favorite thing is that they sell at Nordstroms because you can return anything you buy online at the store so it makes online shopping more fun!

48mm ‘Castro’ Sunglasses

AJ Morgan_sunglasses_petite_small face








‘Inga’ 50mm Sunglasses

AJ Morgan_sunglasses_petite_small face_1










2.  BP
This brand is from the Junior’s department but don’t worry, there are no flowers and rainbows to worry about. The styles are classic and cute.
They also go great reviews for quality. Those of you with small feet, they also make small sizes heels.

‘Ipso Facto’ 50mm Sunglasses

BP_sunglasses_petite_small face









‘Skater’ 52mm Sunglasses

BP_sunglasses_petite_small face_skater










3. Ray Bans
A bit more pricey but soooo worth it. I didn’t include the Juniors Wayfarer but if you are extra petite, definitely try them out at the store as they are much cheaper.

‘Highstreet’ 49mm Sunglasses

RayBan_sunglasses_petite_small face









‘Classic Wayfarer’ 50mm Sunglasses

RayBan_sunglasses_petite_small face_wayfarer










4. Dior

Ok ok, I know most people can’t afford it but with so many great reviews about it fitting narrow faces I included this gorgeous pair of sunglasses by Dior.
‘So Real’ 48mm Sunglasses

Dior_sunglasses_petite_small face

Dior petite sunglasses review