Skinny Jeans and Jegging review

Hi ladies, today I’m reviewing some jeans from different brands. They are all skinny  and jegging type jeans. This works for me and will for you too if you have a small frame (i.e. not just petite but skinny also). I find that jeans that hug my body and have stretch make me look less tiny, less child-like if you will. I’ve got reviews for Jeans from American Apparel, TopShop, and Garage.  Keep in mind , Im 4’9 and under l00 lbs. So here goes…

American Apparel    –     Easy Jean – $78.00 in XXS
american apparel easy jean review petite eshne 02american apparel easy jean review petite eshne 03

Shopping at American Apparel is a bit of a love/hate relationship. I love that I find stuff that fits (they run really small!) but hate that a lot of it looks like someone trying to go to the next big rave (i.e shiny tights, booty shorts, etc.). Anyhow, I found they have size XXS jeans and shorts and those fit me well by the width but the rise was a bit high. I  found that after a few uses  it seemed to lose shape. The fabric is just too thin and so it easily becomes unflattering.

Top Shop      –      Petite Moto Jeans in W2428

top shop moto jean review petite









I looove the style that TopShop has and they’re prices are good but I was very disappointed. I found that the style was very similar to American Apparel but the jean fabric was  a bit thicker. The jeans  had wrinkles everywhere and looked the most unflattering of all the brands I tried. This one was the best length wise but I wasn’t feeling like the jeans were worth the price at all.


Garage     –  High waisted Jegging
Garage High waisted Jegging review eshne petite - frontGarage High waisted Jegging review eshne petite - side










Saving the best for last….I recently went to Dolphin mall and  found an amazing sale here and so I tried on a bunch of jegging jeans.  Even when not on sale, the prices from this store were the best and the rise of the jean felt like the best  fit in comparison. It seemed to fall at the right place where as the others were too high and thus unflattering. The jeans also maintained their shape after wearing it a few times. Only downfall …the length was waaaaay too long. But this was easy fix!

Hoping this helps you find those comfy, I’m going to wear you all day, type jeans.