Shoe makeover DIY

Hi everyone,

I wanted to show you how to vamp up any old shoes you may have lying around. I have a very small shoe size, 3.  While I have been able to pull off a 4, its hard to find new shoes in the styles I want. So, I found these sandals at Nordstrom Rack and though I wasn’t crazy about them, I thought I could use some casual black sandals. But, I didn’t wear them much. I decided why not have some fun with them.


First, I bought these cool studs from Studs & Spikes, some Fray Check for the edges,  super glue (ultra gel control) for the studs, and a 1/4 inch waistband to lay the studs on.






Then, I undid the shoe straps, cut the corner edges to make the width of the straps smaller and added some fray check to the edges.  For more on tips for petite feet, check out my post on  Petite Feet: The Do’s and Don’ts.









I then attached the studs to a 1/4 inch piece of stretch waistband and glued the waistband along the main T strap of the shoe.










For the back, I added the studs coming down to the bottom.












Then, I sewed the studs in place at a few points for security. And voila, some new modern shoes!





















I did the same with these, starting off using thin strips of elastic and adding the studs to the elastic before gluing them on the shoe and then tacking down the strips on places where it curved a lot and where I thought it could use a bit more security. Hope you liked the tutorial!

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