J&J Petite Boutique Maxi review

I’m fairly used to making alterations and maxi skirts and dresses are no exception. In case you missed it, the last maxi skirt I bought needed some alterations to make it look right on my tiny frame. If you’ve got a maxi skirt or dress that feels too big, check out my post on adding a slit to a maxi.

But today I’m talking about an even better option. How bout no alterations at all?

Is it really possible? I doubted it especially since I’m on the extreme side of petite being less than 5’0 tall. But I got my maxi in the mail and was ecstatic that the length was perfect. Reason being J & J Petite Boutique combines sizes AND lengths!

You can order  the Extra Short Length – For Petites 4’11” – 5’1″ or the Short Length – For Petites 5’2″ – 5’4″.  How awesome is that? I love that they realize the large range of petites and how different a petite woman who is 5’2′ compared to someone who is 4’11. Like all of us petites know, one less alteration means less time and money spent on your clothing.


I loved how comfortable the dress was, perfect for this heat!

I loved how comfortable the dress was and the length was great even with flats