Plum Society

Hello ladies! I’ve got an exclusive sneak peek of some new pieces coming soon to Plum Society‘s collection including the giveaway piece for our upcoming holiday clothing swap event.

Stephanie from Plum Society is petite herself standing at 5’2.  She created Plum Society, to bring chic, high quality yet affordable fashion into the wardrobes of petite women like her. Stephanie was nice enough to share some of her latest pieces being added to her collection soon, and the pieces are pretty awesome. Loving the classic looks and the fact that they will last you years. They can easily be mixed and matched with other items in your wardrobe.

If you’re like me, I’m very picky about online purchases and since I’m only 4’9’ I tend to stick to pieces that are simple and classic just because I’m on the extreme end of petite and may end up making alterations even with petite retailers! Luckily, all of these looks are exactly that so the purchase will definitely be worth it.


plum society petite clothing top - eshne petite blog


plum society petite clothing classic top - eshne petite blog

This gorgeous lace skirt will be the raffle giveaway for our next event in Miami on November 21st.

plum society petite clothing skirt - eshne petite blog

The event is free; for your chance to win this skirt, join us at Truly Chic Boutique in Miami: Holiday event


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You can also check out their latest blog post for more on petite fashion.