Eshne means 'little fire'

If you’re petite then you know the struggles of finding accessories that fit.
Petite women should feel confident & sexy regardless of their size.
We’re here to provide fashion accessories to help you do just that.

This brand is exclusively for women with small feet, thin wrists, and narrow faces. If this is not you, our accessories may not fit! Please read the description for each item which details the sizing information.

If you're a petite blogger and would like to be featured on the petite blogger page, please e-mail me your page and contact information.

What shoe size am I?

Measure your feet by placing your foot on a sheet of paper and outlining your foot with a pencil. Then measure from the top (longest toe) to the bottom (heel). The sizes are all listed with mm as the length. Please note the US sizes may vary from other brands, we recommend using the length in mm to guide you.

What frame size is right for me?

Each individual has different facial features and may require different frame measurements but our guide below can help get a better idea of what might fit. You may also use a current pair of sunglasses or prescription lenses to figure out what size would be best. Looking in a mirror, hold a ruler horizontally across your face. Measure in inches the distance between your left and right temples. Then use this guide to help you.

Suggested Frame Size for Face Size (temple to temple)

115mm - 49mm
127mm - 52mm
130mm - 54mm
135mm - 55mm
Bracelets are designed to fit a woman with a wrist size of about 6 inches and below and lengths are included in the detail. To measure your wrist wrap a soft measuring tape around your wrist or use a string and then lay it on a flat ruler.
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