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How to wear a maxi dress or skirt if petite

How to Wear a Maxi Dress or skirt if you’re Petite

Creating length and elongating your body is one of the key factors in styling petite women and maxis are perfect for this!  Because of its continuous color and pattern, maxi dresses can easily elongate your small frame.

Some quick tips if you’re shopping for a maxi dress:

  1. Try it with lace or sheer/lightweight fabrics for a less bulky look.




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  2. The ideal length is for the hem of the skirts to be slightly above your heels.
  3. Avoid horizontal lines or patterns (small prints are best)
  4. Try maxi dresses with empire or high waist lines
  5. Add a slit!  Check out the tutorial HERE

For more check out some videos below for more tips & tricks on wearing maxis

Video 1: How to wear / style a maxi skirt

A guide for petite women under 5″ tall

Source: Daniels Corner Blog

Video 2: Petite & Tall: How To Wear a Maxi Dress

Source: Sydne Summer

Featured image source: Everyday Pursuits

lingerie bra for petite bust

Bra Solutions For Petite women: Reviews, Roundups, and Where To Shop

Finding bras that suit our body type and make us feel confident can be tough especially if you have a petite frame! We all know that sexy Petite Friendly Bra’s can be hard to find! But we found some great gems for you, showing reviews and a roundup of great bras for petite sizes, and even some styling tips and tricks.


Video 1: Jens Happy Home

Loving this video as it shows a few different brands that are best for a small size.

Bras mentioned in this video: Body by Victoria Wireless bra, Where Everywhere lightly lined t-shirt bra, VS Lightly Lined Wireless Bra with mesh
VS Lightly Lines Wireless Bra, VS Bombshell bra (strapless multi-way), VS Pink Date Racerback bra, Aerie Sunnie Wireless Lightly Lined Bra
Aerie Sunnie Racerback Demi Pushup, JC Penney Warner Cloud 9 Wire Free, Bust Up Cups, Free Bra Silicone Strapless/ Backless

Video 2: Chloe Ting

This video is great for those of you who are smaller than 32 or find that a size 32 band is just a bit loose for you. Bonus fitness wear review!


Video 3: Theresa Huaroto

Tips & Tricks to make you look bigger


Now that you’re ready to shop for petite-friendly bras, here are some options on where to shop check out our list of Petite Lingerie shops.

If you’re looking for custom styles, check out our post on Handmade Lingerie for Petites

Pencil Skirts for Petites

Hi everyone!

pencil skirt eshne

Left: Kileen from Cute&Little
Middle: Jean from ExtraPetite
Right: Wendy from WendysLookbook

I wanted to write a post about all things related to the high-waisted pencil skirt.

As you can see from the post at Bella Petite, this fashion trend can work on petites as well: “Luckily, high-waisted pants and skirts were practically made for us. What is so great about bottoms that hug the waist is that it elongates the rest of the body by drawing the eye downward starting at the hips”  On this post you can find  three different examples of below-the-knee, high-waisted pencil skirts and how to make them work:. …read more

For those of you who can sew, here is a great video on making a pencil skirt very easily:


For any serious pattern makers, here’s a great Video for how to make a pattern for a pencil skirt based on your measurements.

And finally, some great styles you can buy right now:

Pencil Skirts for Petites - Eshne- Sheez Petite skirt

Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Pencil Skirt In Jersey Image 2 of ASOS PETITE Pencil Skirt In Jersey


Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Floral Pencil Skirt



Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Pencil Skirt

Ways to make a ring smaller

Hi everyone!  One of my biggest fashion woes is not finding jewelry to fit my tiny hands.

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve seen to re-size rings that are too big for small or skinny fingers.
1. Buying ring sizers, here are a few places to find em’
http://www.ringsnuggies.com/ (they sell these at Walmart and Claire’s) or you can buy it here
A piece of advice for the ring snuggies is to  heat it up to make it more flexible. You can place them in hot or boiling water and this will make em’ more pliable and easier to fit.
2. Use tape (foam tape, as shown here is best .…see Extra Petite’s demo below for more!)
3. Use nail polish- Never tried this but it seems a bit messy.
4. Use Thread- Just wrap it around a few times.  If you do this, be sure to buy invisible thread…yes! there is such a thing.  Or you can use fishing line as well if you a family member likes to fish.

Resized rings in action:



Photo & Video Sources: Extra Petite

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes

We love Wendy Nguyen’s style. The petite fashion blogger is 5′ tall and wears a size 5 shoe making her a great inspiration for petite fashion lovers.

On her fashion style:

“Everything I’ve learned about style and fashion is by observing nature, architecture, music, and people.  Nature encourages me to play with colors, architecture helps me to understand shapes, music provides a gateway for me to hear and feel texture, and most importantly, I get inspired by street fashion.  In terms of style, I relate most to Chiara Ferragni, Rumi Neely, Olivia Palermo, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.”
Source: Interview by Katherine from Feather Factor

Wendy also makes great fashion videos and tutorials that you can find on her You Tube channel.

Check out one of our favorites

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes


Want more? Check out our favorite looks from Wendy on our Board.

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How to Shop as a Petite

Fashion Shopping Hacks & Tips for Petite Women

Don’t shy away from your petite frame, instead experiment with different styles that can help you to enhance your look and flaunt your body. Follow these simple guidelines and tips, mix and match styles to add fun to your wardrobe, and find out what works best on a petite body.

Source: thehauteproject

Now that you’re ready, here are some options on where to shop Petite friendly shops.