A collection of How To’s, alterations, and DIY from petite fashionistas.

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How to wear a maxi dress or skirt if petite

How to Wear a Maxi Dress or skirt if you’re Petite

Creating length and elongating your body is one of the key factors in styling petite women and maxis are perfect for this!  Because of its continuous color and pattern, maxi dresses can easily elongate your small frame.

Some quick tips if you’re shopping for a maxi dress:

  1. Try it with lace or sheer/lightweight fabrics for a less bulky look.




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  2. The ideal length is for the hem of the skirts to be slightly above your heels.
  3. Avoid horizontal lines or patterns (small prints are best)
  4. Try maxi dresses with empire or high waist lines
  5. Add a slit!  Check out the tutorial HERE

For more check out some videos below for more tips & tricks on wearing maxis

Video 1: How to wear / style a maxi skirt

A guide for petite women under 5″ tall

Source: Daniels Corner Blog

Video 2: Petite & Tall: How To Wear a Maxi Dress

Source: Sydne Summer

Featured image source: Everyday Pursuits

How to Look Older (And more sophisticated)

So you’re not built with long legs or you happen to have a baby face and you want to look older or be taken seriously. If you’re a grown adult who still looks like a teenager, then you’ve like heard the words ‘cute’ plenty more than you’d like. Sure “you’ll love it when you’re older” but what can you do right now to embrace your youthful look.

When you’re a petite woman and shorter than everyone else, it can be especially hard to look your age but this post is not just about what works for petites (tailoring, monochrome outfits, etc….you’ve heard them all before), its about giving you that edge to look older and more sophisticated.

  • Invest in a really great pair of heels 

    You’ll automatically look older and you’ll carry yourself more confidently.
    If you have small size feet, check out the collection in sizes 6 and under

  • Avoid overly casual looks (t-shirts, sweatshirts, uggs, sneakers, flip-flops, etc)

    It just makes you look sloppy and younger than you actually are. The same goes for sweatpants and hoodies, those are typically things you should save for the weekend. If you do want to dress casual, opt for basic classic styles and keep it simple.

    Source: Extra Petite

  • Avoid rhinestones, sequins, and floral

    Instead, look for zippers and fur, or leather

  • Try a moto or leather jacket

    There’s something about a well fitted jacket that instantly pulls together your look. You are almost guaranteed to look polished.

    Source: Olivia Rink 

  • Find a good tailor

    This can get expensive but you should get your most important work pieces tailored.

  • Invest in a quality pair of sunglasses

    Simply by adding chic glasses to your outfit, you’ll easily add a polished look to your entire appearance. Stay away from cheap or colorful ones and consider a classic style. If you have a narrow face, check out the collection in small sizes.

  • Wear Red Lipstick… Or any bold Lipstick color

    This is my favorite go to when I need a pulled together look.

    Source: Styling my life

  • Accessorize well

    The right jewelry can lend to a polished look but ill fitted jewelry can make even the most perfect clothing combination look haphazard. Avoid overly trendy accessories. The best fashion items are ageless and timeless. For those of you with small wrists, you can check out or latest collection here 


Petite How To: Wear an Oversized Sweater

As a petite woman, we all know fitted clothing is a must. A loose baggy silhouette is not a good look for us!

But with a few adjustments, there are lots of great ways to pull off an over-sized sweater.

Warm, comfortable, and cozy….what’s not to love?

Here we show you the best ways to pull of this look on a petite frame without looking frumpy.

1. Belt It

You need to shave off some of the bulk of the sweater by cinching it around the waist.

2. Pair with super-skinny printed jeans and leggings Skinny, cropped pants make your legs look slimmer, more so when you wear a baggy sweater. With so many patterns and colors, this is a great way to try out some fashion-forward creative pieces.    

3. Flaunt those legs

We like the look of a baggy top with a micro mini, pencil skirt, or a shift dress.


4. Draw attention to your neck Balance the look by adding a chic element. Try a collared shirt worn underneath, a scarf,or a statement necklace.    

5. Wear a monochromatic outfit

Wearing all one color has a slimming effect.


6. Accessorize This moves the focus away from the heavy top and keeps you looking chic and polished.    

Check out our board for more looks we love!

Featured image Photo credit: Maria Morri/Flickr

Adding a slit to a maxi skirt

Ok so I saw this skirt at Macy’s on sale for $20. Super huge but I loved the pattern.
So I though why not, even though I’m petite and drowning in it, I’ll make this more flattering with a simple tweak and here’s how you can too:

how to add a slit to a jersey maxi before- eshne petite fashion
Using a small pair of sharp scissors:
1. Remove the waistband (save for later – optional)
2. Cut at the side seam of the skirt on the side you want the slit to be.
Important!!: My skirt was wide enough that I was able to make the original side seam the new slit in the front. If your skirt is not wide enough for this or not that big on you, you may just cut where you want the slit to be after trying it on. I suggest marking it with chalk before cutting.

how to add a slit to a jersey maxi cut- eshne petite fashion
With pins:
3. Try on the skirt and shorten as needed. I took off a few inches from the top of the skirt since I will need to add the waistband back anyway and then pinned where the slit should fall.

4. If the skirt is not showing as much leg as you want, you can cut out extra fabric from bottom where the slit starts in a triangular shape (see red lines).

how to add a slit to a jersey maxi cut arrow- eshne petite fashion


how to add a slit to a jersey maxi pinned- eshne petite fashion

5. Sew the slit to the top of the skirt using a stretch stitch
6. Sew back on the waistband using a stretch stitch or you can fold over the top and do a simple straight stretch stitch if you’re not a fan of a waistband (I like the option so you can make it longer or shorter by folding over the waistband depending on the heel!)
7. Optional : I choose to finish the sides of the slit although its jersey and doesn’t fray at the end just cause I thought it looked better (jersey is not easy to work with, I recommend leaving it as is if you’re a beginner to hate to sew)

8. Ok I didn’t mention this one above, but better to iron before pinning and after sewing. I always forget but ironing makes it looks more professional and whatnot 🙂

Happy sewing!


how to add a slit to a jersey maxi before and after- eshne petite fashion1



Books for Petite Women

Looking for a new read? Check out these books that cater to the petite reader.

   I love the idea behind this book. We alter clothes to fit our bodies, why not alter our diets and exercise routine as well?





A funny and amusing look at being short and the advantages of being petite.

Actress Kristen Bell (5’1″) of  Forgetting Sarah Marshall said    “5’1 is the new 6’2, and Becky’s book proves it.”

Becky Murphy, the author had this to say about starting the book:

“I’d Rather Be Short happened because I wished it already existed. I didn’t particularly like my stature at the time, and I wanted someone to tell me it was awesome (because it is). I decided to take care of it myself, and luckily it worked out. Getting published is a dream come true and I can’t wait to see it on shelves this fall”

A summary from the author: “What looks good on a size two petite may not look so good on a size twelve petite and vice versa. All petite women should dress for their figure shape and learn how to maximize their assets, minimize their flaws. A entire section of The Petite Handbook is dedicated to helping         petite women determine their figure shape and best looks.”

science of sexy petite women books






Ok so this one is not just for petites but this book has a fitting room section with subsections for all petite silhouettes such as petite inverted triangle, short petite rectangle, etc.  Bradley Bayou is an award winning fashion designer that  worked with celebrities.  Paula Abdul  (5’0″) said “Bradley Bayou is the bomb! He makes women look absolutely exquisite regardless of their shape or size.”

And for the petite seamstress that can sew:







One reviewer wrote “Very handy guide for sewing for the vertically challanged and horizonically blessed. Great directions and instructions and illustrations.
I will use this a lot.”










This book includes hundreds of detailed photos that show every step of the way to make adjustments  for a variety of  basic pattern styles and figures.

Pencil Skirts for Petites

Hi everyone!

pencil skirt eshne

Left: Kileen from Cute&Little
Middle: Jean from ExtraPetite
Right: Wendy from WendysLookbook

I wanted to write a post about all things related to the high-waisted pencil skirt.

As you can see from the post at Bella Petite, this fashion trend can work on petites as well: “Luckily, high-waisted pants and skirts were practically made for us. What is so great about bottoms that hug the waist is that it elongates the rest of the body by drawing the eye downward starting at the hips”  On this post you can find  three different examples of below-the-knee, high-waisted pencil skirts and how to make them work:. …read more

For those of you who can sew, here is a great video on making a pencil skirt very easily:


For any serious pattern makers, here’s a great Video for how to make a pattern for a pencil skirt based on your measurements.

And finally, some great styles you can buy right now:

Pencil Skirts for Petites - Eshne- Sheez Petite skirt

Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Pencil Skirt In Jersey Image 2 of ASOS PETITE Pencil Skirt In Jersey


Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Floral Pencil Skirt



Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Pencil Skirt

Ways to make a ring smaller

Hi everyone!  One of my biggest fashion woes is not finding jewelry to fit my tiny hands.

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve seen to re-size rings that are too big for small or skinny fingers.
1. Buying ring sizers, here are a few places to find em’
http://www.ringsnuggies.com/ (they sell these at Walmart and Claire’s) or you can buy it here
A piece of advice for the ring snuggies is to  heat it up to make it more flexible. You can place them in hot or boiling water and this will make em’ more pliable and easier to fit.
2. Use tape (foam tape, as shown here is best .…see Extra Petite’s demo below for more!)
3. Use nail polish- Never tried this but it seems a bit messy.
4. Use Thread- Just wrap it around a few times.  If you do this, be sure to buy invisible thread…yes! there is such a thing.  Or you can use fishing line as well if you a family member likes to fish.

Resized rings in action:



Photo & Video Sources: Extra Petite

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes

We love Wendy Nguyen’s style. The petite fashion blogger is 5′ tall and wears a size 5 shoe making her a great inspiration for petite fashion lovers.

On her fashion style:

“Everything I’ve learned about style and fashion is by observing nature, architecture, music, and people.  Nature encourages me to play with colors, architecture helps me to understand shapes, music provides a gateway for me to hear and feel texture, and most importantly, I get inspired by street fashion.  In terms of style, I relate most to Chiara Ferragni, Rumi Neely, Olivia Palermo, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.”
Source: Interview by Katherine from Feather Factor

Wendy also makes great fashion videos and tutorials that you can find on her You Tube channel.

Check out one of our favorites

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes


Want more? Check out our favorite looks from Wendy on our Board.

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Petite Feet: The Do’s and Don’ts

Petite Feet: The Do’s and Don’ts


Do Wear shoes of the same color as the pants to elongate the leg. A different color will chop you up.

different color

same color








Do Wear heels but be sure you can walk on them. Stumbling is not cute.

Do wear nude shoes for the illusion of a longer leg.


Be careful with pointy-toed shoes. It may accentuate being petite since the extra inches make your foot look bigger.  Unless you have very small feet this look may be hard to pull off. But, if you love this look, we have some tips:

  • Do wear flared jeans/pants so that attention is diverted away from the extra inches in the front

Do shop vintage: they’re often small sizes and narrow widths

Do single-soled shoes (shoes that lack of any type of platform) with a high stiletto heel

“I only make single-sole shoes. They transform the way a woman walks: in heavy platforms like truck drivers, in my shoes like ballerinas.”

   Manolo Blahnik


    Leandra Medine                                        

Photo: modepure.com         Leandra Medine | House of Holland sunglasses, Chanel bag, Jimmy Choo shoes


From manrepeller.com:

“Single sole pumps are wildly generous in matters of the arch and create the illusion of legs that are often approximately 4 inches longer than their natural length”  



Don’t wear bulky straps or heavy buckles.  Thick straps overwhelm your feet and make you appear smaller.




Don’t wear gladiators but if you must, the more open and simple the better:

















Don’t forget about insoles! When a shoe is too roomy, making a small size adjustment can make all the difference.


Shop our collection, made for women with petite feet.

How to Shop as a Petite

Fashion Shopping Hacks & Tips for Petite Women

Don’t shy away from your petite frame, instead experiment with different styles that can help you to enhance your look and flaunt your body. Follow these simple guidelines and tips, mix and match styles to add fun to your wardrobe, and find out what works best on a petite body.

Source: thehauteproject

Now that you’re ready, here are some options on where to shop Petite friendly shops.


Shortening An Elastic Bracelet Tutorial

By kileen



If you’re petite and/or have small wrists (mine measure around at 15cm), then a common problem is bracelets that are too big. Fortunately, stretchy elastic bracelets that are too big can be remedied! And simply at that. 🙂

The key ingredient you’ll need for this DIY is some stretch cord

Let’s get on to the tutorial!
  1. To start, cut the existing elastic.…read more.


Source: Cute and Little