Ways to make a ring smaller

Hi everyone!  One of my biggest fashion woes is not finding jewelry to fit my tiny hands.

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve seen to re-size rings that are too big for small or skinny fingers.
1. Buying ring sizers, here are a few places to find em’
http://www.ringsnuggies.com/ (they sell these at Walmart and Claire’s) or you can buy it here
A piece of advice for the ring snuggies is to  heat it up to make it more flexible. You can place them in hot or boiling water and this will make em’ more pliable and easier to fit.
2. Use tape (foam tape, as shown here is best .…see Extra Petite’s demo below for more!)
3. Use nail polish- Never tried this but it seems a bit messy.
4. Use Thread- Just wrap it around a few times.  If you do this, be sure to buy invisible thread…yes! there is such a thing.  Or you can use fishing line as well if you a family member likes to fish.

Resized rings in action:



Photo & Video Sources: Extra Petite
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