Petite How To: Wear an Oversized Sweater

As a petite woman, we all know fitted clothing is a must. A loose baggy silhouette is not a good look for us!

But with a few adjustments, there are lots of great ways to pull off an over-sized sweater.

Warm, comfortable, and cozy….what’s not to love?

Here we show you the best ways to pull of this look on a petite frame without looking frumpy.

1. Belt It

You need to shave off some of the bulk of the sweater by cinching it around the waist.

2. Pair with super-skinny printed leggings or leather pants make your legs look slimmer, more so when you wear a baggy sweater. This is a great way to try out some fashion-forward creative pieces.    


3. Flaunt those legs

We like the look of a baggy top with a micro mini, pencil skirt, or a shift dress.

4. Draw attention to your neck Balance the look by adding a chic element. Try a collared shirt worn underneath, a scarf,or a statement necklace.   

5. Wear a monochromatic outfit

Wearing all one color has a slimming effect.


6. Accessorize This moves the focus away from the heavy top and keeps you looking chic and polished.    

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 How To: Wear Oversized Sweater

Featured image Photo credit: Maria Morri/Flickr

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