Petite Feet: The Do’s and Don’ts

Petite Feet: The Do’s and Don’ts


Do Wear shoes of the same color as the pants to elongate the leg. A different color will chop you up.


Do Wear heels but be sure you can walk on them. Stumbling is not cute.

Do wear nude shoes for the illusion of a longer leg.


Be careful with pointy-toed shoes. It may accentuate being petite since the extra inches make your foot look bigger.  Unless you have very small feet this look may be hard to pull off. But, if you love this look, we have some tips:

  • Do wear flared jeans/pants so that attention is diverted away from the extra inches in the front

Do shop vintage: they’re often small sizes and narrow widths

Do single-soled shoes (shoes that lack of any type of platform) with a high stiletto heel

“I only make single-sole shoes. They transform the way a woman walks: in heavy platforms like truck drivers, in my shoes like ballerinas.”

   Manolo Blahnik



Photo:         Leandra Medine | House of Holland sunglasses, Chanel bag, Jimmy Choo shoes



“Single sole pumps are wildly generous in matters of the arch and create the illusion of legs that are often approximately 4 inches longer than their natural length”  



Don’t wear bulky straps or heavy buckles.  Thick straps overwhelm your feet and make you appear smaller.




Don’t wear gladiators but if you must, the more open and simple the better:


Don’t forget about insoles! When a shoe is too roomy, making a small size adjustment can make all the difference.


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