Petite Fashion Blogger – Jean Wang

Petite Fashion Blogger : Jean Wang

Who is she?

We all know her from our favorite fashion blog, Extra Petite. Beyond her life as a blogger, Jean is a financial enthusiast mixing style with substance. She started blogging by giving financial advice, then got bored and got into sharing her outfit ideas and some tailoring techniques. Her informational blog has truly been a treasure for her readers. Despite her petite height of just under 5 feet, this Boston-blogger has proven to all of us that you can still shine in the corporate world without looking like a kid.

Why we love her?

Her posts are a definite go to if you’re looking for the perfect business outfit. Not a lot of bloggers actually tell us what to wear in order to look mature. But Jean has taken a different path and shares with us what she wears on an ordinary day to work. She also gives us some tips on how to dress smart and get the respect that we deserve. Oh and if you’re looking for wedding dresses, she’s got some great posts on that as well as lots of photos of gorgeous gowns! Check out some of our favorite looks here:

Petite Blogger - Jean Wang 

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