Petite Blogger Spotlight – Noozhat Nashir

Fashion Blogger Spotlight – Noozhat Nashir

For our latest petite blogger spotlight, we interviewed Noozhat Nashir, a fashion blogger from ‘A Hautenooz Affair’ to get her insight on fashion and lifestyle as a petite woman. She is a petite size blogger you need to know!!!

Blog: A Hautenooz Affair

Height: 4’11”

Location: Orlando, FL


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I grew up thinking I would go into the field that my parents always expected me to, medicine. All my life was delicately molded to do just that. Until my junior year of college, when I did an art management internship in Madrid, Spain. That was a turning point, because I came back knowing that medicine was my parents’ passion for me, not my own. Sure, I finished school with the degree I started with, a BS in biology and chemistry with a focus on premedical sciences, because I hate quitting anything…But after graduating, I immediately got my Master’s in business, instead of going to medical school.

When did you start blogging and what made you want to start a blog?

I started with an Instagram account in August 2017, and launched my blog, A Hautenooz Affair ( in March of this year. I had an Instagram before this, but used it maybe once or twice every few months before starting with my blog. I started blogging to express my love for fashion and travel with the rest of the world, and boy, has it really changed my life for the better! I’m such a creative person, and blogging has become amazingly cathartic for me as it allows me to use my creativity in every way possible. It’s been a wonderful challenge for me, and there’s nothing I love more than learning and growing by overcoming challenges!

How would you describe your style?

Bold, edgy, and super statement all the way. I also love leather, big ruffles and bows, lace…and of course designer labels!

What do you love about being petite?

I love to travel, so I love the fact that I can fit a week’s worth of clothes in my carry on, given how small the pieces are!

What are the challenges you face being petite?

This, I’m sure I have in common with all fellow petite women out there: I have an EXTREMELY difficult time finding clothes that fit, especially trendy items such as wrap tops and dresses. This is especially true if I’m trying to stay within a budget.

What are your favorite brands? Where do you shop?

I’m in love with For Love & Lemons, Alice + Olivia, and Marciano—they are wonderful for petite women! I love to shop at high end local boutiques that sell these brands!

Your favorite style bloggers

I love Micah Gianneli, she definitely speaks my style language…also a pretty big fan of Aggie Lal, even though she’s more on the travel side, I can’t deny her wonderful and effortlessly chic sense of style!

Best style tip for petite women

Pointed toe heels are magical when it comes to making you look taller than you are, more specifically in neutral shades such as grays, nudes, and pinks!

Be inspired and follow her on Instagram @hautenooz

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