Hosiery by Sabina Review


I’ve received these tights in the mail recently so I thought I’d share my experience with you.


My last experience buying hosiery was spending an hour trying to find something cute that fits and eventually giving up and getting boring tights from the children’s section.  So, I was excited to hear about Hosiery by Sabina.

The first thing I noticed was  the packaging.  The hosiery came it a beautiful black bag with a picture of the product and inside the hosiery was wrapped neatly.


sabina package

What I loved was that the packaging is that it’s so sleek, you already feel excited to open it which I can say is never an experience I had buying tights.  As a bonus, the bag is a great way to store your tights and prevent them from getting snagged.


The tights feel very strong as opposed to other ones I’ve purchased that seem to rip or tear easily and so these are definitely ones that you want to take care of.  The tights  feel more secure and provide a bit more warmth as well.  

Sizing and Fit

I received a small (size 40-42) of the Magnifique style which has this design running down the side of the tights.

The great news for petite women is they specifically ordered to include sizes for petite women as it turns out the owner of the boutique is just 5’2!

It was a great fit and a couldn’t be any happier with the sizing.  I also appreciate the length as my legs are on the shorter end. I’m 4’9 and have an inseam of 27 1/2. So, if you’re petite a size in small or 40-42 should fit well.



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