Books for Petite Women

Looking for a new read? Check out these books that cater to the petite reader.

   I love the idea behind this book. We alter clothes to fit our bodies, why not alter our diets and exercise routine as well?


A funny and amusing look at being short and the advantages of being petite.

Actress Kristen Bell (5’1″) of  Forgetting Sarah Marshall said    “5’1 is the new 6’2, and Becky’s book proves it.”

Becky Murphy, the author had this to say about starting the book:

“I’d Rather Be Short happened because I wished it already existed. I didn’t particularly like my stature at the time, and I wanted someone to tell me it was awesome (because it is). I decided to take care of it myself, and luckily it worked out. Getting published is a dream come true and I can’t wait to see it on shelves this fall”

A summary from the author: “What looks good on a size two petite may not look so good on a size twelve petite and vice versa. All petite women should dress for their figure shape and learn how to maximize their assets, minimize their flaws. A entire section of The Petite Handbook is dedicated to helping         petite women determine their figure shape and best looks.”

science of sexy petite women books


Ok so this one is not just for petites but this book has a fitting room section with subsections for all petite silhouettes such as petite inverted triangle, short petite rectangle, etc.  Bradley Bayou is an award winning fashion designer that  worked with celebrities.  Paula Abdul  (5’0″) said “Bradley Bayou is the bomb! He makes women look absolutely exquisite regardless of their shape or size.”

And for the petite seamstress that can sew:


One reviewer wrote “Very handy guide for sewing for the vertically challanged and horizonically blessed. Great directions and instructions and illustrations.
I will use this a lot.”


This book includes hundreds of detailed photos that show every step of the way to make adjustments  for a variety of  basic pattern styles and figures.

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