Anthropologie’s First-Ever Petites Shop Opens

Anthropologie’s First-Ever Petites Shop Opens in Chevy Chase Friday
The chain’s usual charm, redesigned to fit those of us on the short side.

Three looks from Anthropologie’s exclusive petites line, available at the new store in Chevy Chase.

If you’re shorter than, say, 5-foot-5, you already know the drill: Hems are pretty much guaranteed to be a foot too long. Shirt sleeves skim your fingers. Necklines dip dangerously low. You’re practically BFFs with your tailor at this point. But that’s just how it goes for shorties, right?

Well, maybe not. Tomorrow, Anthropologie officially opens its very first standalone store for petites, right here in Chevy Chase. (If the address sounds suspiciously familiar, it’s because the new 1,000-square-foot petites space takes the place of Anthro’s accessories boutique.)

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Anthropologie Petites. 5402 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase; 301-652-1056.

Open Monday through Saturday 10 to 8 and Sunday noon to 7.


Source: Washtonian


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