Adding a slit to a maxi skirt

Ok so I saw this skirt at Macy’s on sale for $20. Super huge but I loved the pattern.
So I though why not, even though I’m petite and drowning in it, I’ll make this more flattering with a simple tweak and here’s how you can too:

how to add a slit to a jersey maxi before- eshne petite fashion
Using a small pair of sharp scissors:
1. Remove the waistband (save for later – optional)
2. Cut at the side seam of the skirt on the side you want the slit to be.
Important!!: My skirt was wide enough that I was able to make the original side seam the new slit in the front. If your skirt is not wide enough for this or not that big on you, you may just cut where you want the slit to be after trying it on. I suggest marking it with chalk before cutting.

how to add a slit to a jersey maxi cut- eshne petite fashion
With pins:
3. Try on the skirt and shorten as needed. I took off a few inches from the top of the skirt since I will need to add the waistband back anyway and then pinned where the slit should fall.

4. If the skirt is not showing as much leg as you want, you can cut out extra fabric from bottom where the slit starts in a triangular shape (see red lines).

how to add a slit to a jersey maxi cut arrow- eshne petite fashion


how to add a slit to a jersey maxi pinned- eshne petite fashion

5. Sew the slit to the top of the skirt using a stretch stitch
6. Sew back on the waistband using a stretch stitch or you can fold over the top and do a simple straight stretch stitch if you’re not a fan of a waistband (I like the option so you can make it longer or shorter by folding over the waistband depending on the heel!)
7. Optional : I choose to finish the sides of the slit although its jersey and doesn’t fray at the end just cause I thought it looked better (jersey is not easy to work with, I recommend leaving it as is if you’re a beginner to hate to sew)

8. Ok I didn’t mention this one above, but better to iron before pinning and after sewing. I always forget but ironing makes it looks more professional and whatnot 🙂

Happy sewing!


how to add a slit to a jersey maxi before and after- eshne petite fashion1



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