• Oversized Denim


    Been loving the oversized look lately. I fell in love with this denim top and keeping in mind styling tips on oversized (If you haven’t, check out my post on how to rock oversized sweaters), I convinced myself to buy this top though it was a bit large. The best thing is to make sure that the […]

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  • Asymmetric Skirt


    Fall is officially here but that just means less than 90 degrees in Miami! Loving the weather though and having fun with this asymmetric number from J&J Petite Boutique The great thing about this asymmtrical skirt is the allusion of curves and the miniskirt showing in the front. An easy skirt to dress up or dress […]

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  • Lusting after Olivia Lopez


    We’re lusting after the incredible style of Olivia Lopez. The petite fashion blogger behind Lust for Life has got that elegant boho vibe nailed. We love how she counters relaxed, easy pieces with more structural elements – leather mules here, a messenger bag there. This is grown-up Cali cool and it’s perennially stylish. Who better, […]

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  • Why Handmade is Better for Petites

    Handmade by Elma petite fashion handmade

      Everyone knows the key to shopping when you’re petite is to find what fits and buy 10 of em! This works a million times better when you buy high quality products for obvious reasons but when you buy handmade fit is not an issue. Here are some more reasons why handmade is that much […]

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  • Petite How To: Wear an Oversized Sweater


    As a petite woman, we all know fitted clothing is a must. A loose baggy silhouette is not a good look for us! But with a few adjustments, there are lots of great ways to pull off an over-sized sweater. Warm, comfortable, and cozy….what’s not to love? Here we show you the best ways to […]

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