• J&J Petite Boutique Maxi review


    I’m fairly used to making alterations and maxi skirts and dresses are no exception. In case you missed it, the last maxi skirt I bought needed some alterations to make it look right on my tiny frame. If you’ve got a maxi skirt or dress that feels too big, check out my post on adding […]

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  • Sunglasses for Small Faces


    Nothing can make an outfit like some great accessories and sunglasses are no different. But with our small faces, it can be a pest to find ones that frame your face or don’t make you look like a bug! So, I gathered up some brands that tend to run small and have sizes that flatter […]

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  • Petite Epoque Spring 2017

    PETITEEPOQUE- white strapless top- eshne_featured

    For those of you who missed it, Leslie Liwanag, owner of Petite Epoque, was a part of our Miami Petite Fashion week awhile back and we had the chance to see her petite collection live and in color! You can also check out the interview we had with her last year. Leslie is now re-launching her […]

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  • Jewelry for small wrists- Dainty wrist review

    Dainty wrist jewelry review - small wrist watch

    Hi ladies, Today I’m here to talk about Dainty Wrist Jewelry. They make tons of jewelry for women with small wrists. You can find watches, bangles, even leather bracelets.  For you lucky ladies in Miami, you’ll be happy to know that Elaine from Dainty Wrist Jewelry has offered a piece from her collection to be […]

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